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Feeling stuck with your business?

Slowing revenue growth?

Unclear next steps?

I help founders and CEOs improve their business results

Holistic Approach

I believe business works similar to the human body.

When something is out of balance it is likely to cause ​problems over time. In order to identify what’s wrong ​and what to do next, it’s important to look at all parts ​of business.

A company is an interconnected system. Nothing ​works in isolation, just like a human body.

Holistic Business Check-Up:

A deep-dive into all parts of the organization to find out:

  • How clear is the management team on where they want to go and how ​to get there?
  • What metrics are used by each team and why? Are they in line with the ​company strategy or are merely vanity metrics?
  • How teams set priorities? Do they have a clear understanding what ​actions will provide the biggest impact?
  • What is the process of launching new products and features? How ​efficiently does it work in real life?
  • How teams cooperate with each other? How efficient are they in ​achieving common goals?
  • What is the product development strategy? And how it is supported by ​market and customer needs?
  • What is the competition doing? In what ways they are better or worse?
  • How is the financial data used to assist in measuring performance? Are ​the right metrics used?

What is the End-result?

A clear step-by-step strategy on:

  • How to turn around your company into a growing, flourishing ​business. Which projects, products, markets or directions you ​should focus on that have the most potential
  • How to align resources for growth – which projects, teams, ​processes should be prioritized
  • In what parts of the company there are inefficiencies and how ​to eliminate them
  • How to increase team performance and make everyone work ​towards common goal
  • How to run the company more efficiently and achieve better ​results
Snow Covered Mountain Under Cloudy Sky

What's next?

After problems are identified and I have created a clear step-by-step strategy for turnaround, next ​comes the implementation phase.

Here I can help you with:

  • Working with teams on a regular basis to train them in improving performance;
  • Assisting your business development team how to scale faster and more efficiently;
  • Working with a specific team or teams on strategy alignment to make sure that what the team is ocusing on is ​in line with overall company goals;
  • Define what metrics each team should use to measure their progress;
  • Work with the management team to help adjust the company structure and operations in line with the new strategy.

Professional Background



I joined TWINO at first as a CFO at it's beginning stages, and developed the finance function from the ground up.

For 5 years as the COO & CFO I was deeply involved in building and scaling the company, together with the ​founder. I managed and developed IT, Finance, and Customer service areas of the company, and I was ​responsible for business in 4 countries (Russia, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Poland).

Adaptive Media


I worked together with the founders to reshape the company, improve existing processes and implement new ​ones to improve operational efficiency. I rebuilt the company's organizational structure to be in line with the new ​strategy and did an efficiency analysis on all business lines to identify the strategic priorities. As a result, the ​business was streamlined and a new strategy was introduced to put focus on the core business and discontinue ​non-core business.

Alfa Finance


leader & CFO

The founders hired me to restructure the company which was in severe financial distress and on the brink of ​bankruptcy. I quickly identified root causes, came up with a restructuring plan, implemented new processes to ​turn around the company, applied necessary cost-cutting measures, and returned the company to profitability ​in 9 months' time.

Ernst & Young


and Financial

Due Diligence

In the leading financial advisory services company in the Baltic states, I was managing company valuation, ​financial due diligence, and M&A projects for large local and international clients. I built numerous financial ​valuation and cash flow forecast models for these clients and participated in various MA processes. I spent ​almost a year in the Stockholm office where I worked on projects for a leading Swedish aluminum materials ​producer, a major telecom company, and a leading Swedish financing player.

LIAA & Riga ​TechGirl


I mentor the startups of LIAA business incubator and Riga TechGirl and help them with:

- Figuring out the best go-to-market strategy

- Creating a profitable and sustainable business model

- Building financial models of the client lifetime value

- Adjusting the product and pricing mix to attain the best performance

- Creating a growth plan with concrete action steps

What the clients say

“We've partnered with Niklavs on multiple business research projects, leveraging his experience and ​skills to analyze user data and patterns to tackle our business challenges.

Each time, Niklavs delivered valuable recommendations that enabled us to improve our business. His ​dedication to understanding our challenges and delivering actionable insights has no match.”

Māris Daģis

CEO of Sellfy

"Over the years Niklavs has gathered a treasure-trove of knowledge. No matter what is the business-​related subject he most likely has either done it himself or has been close to people who have done it. ​And with this toolbox, Niklavs helped me through a lot of challenging moments so I have no doubt that ​he can do the same for other first-time founders."

Kaspars Kripēns

CEO and Founder of Adaptive Media


Let's talk!


Phone: +371 2922​1411

I'm located in Riga, Latvia and am travelling freely across ​all Baltic States.

If you're located somewhere else - give me a call, we'll ​figure something out.

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